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  SHJIAZHUANG SHI&TE ROII CO., LTD is located in Tongye Town, Luquang District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, 10 Km away from Shijiazhuang Railway Station. Also, Qingyin Express way passes through the territory, where has convenient transportation and developed economy.

  Our company is a professional roll foundry, who was born in 1968 as known Beitongye foundry. In 1983, it developed into the 3rd Beitongye precision cast steel plant. In 1987, we cooperated with Xingtai Metallurgical Roll Co, Ltd. researching and developing the Acicular Nodular Iron rings for the high-speed wire, then in 1991, we moved to built a new foundry and rename it as SHIJIAZHUANG SPECIAL ROLL CO., LTD. Next, we optimized our products in 1993, giving up the precision steel castings and specializing in the centrifugal cast rolls and rings for the steel rolling industry, riding into one of the earliest foundries specialized in the metallurgical rolls in China. In 2004, our company was restructured and renamed as SHIJIAZHUANG SHITE ZHAGUN CO,. LTD., with a registered capital of 10,000,000 yuan. We have 120 employees (including 20 technicians) and the annual production capacity up to 12000 tons.

  Our company specialize in the small and medium-sized of centrifugal composite cast rolls and rings, equipping 5 medium frequency induction furnaces with a range of 1.5 to 3 tons capacity, 10 automatic temperature control heat treatment furnaces, 7 advanced horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machines and more than 60 machining equipment including the CNC roll lathes. What’s more, we have a complete process monitoring and testing devices. For example, we use direct-reading spectrometer to analyze the chemistry of hot metal for pre-reflow detection, high-precision electronic scale for measuring the hot metal, electronic Shore hardness tester for the roll hardness inspection, UT detector for the internal defect inspection, and portable metallographic microscope with a digital camera for the micro-structure inspection.

  Our rolls and rings branded “SHITE” are famous and enjoying a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. Our products are mainly sold to more than 10 domestic large and medium-sized steel &
iron enterprises, such as Laigang, Shagang Group, Jiuquan Steel, Chuangwei Group, Heibei Steel Group and Heibei Jingye Group, etc. and exported to UK, US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea, which accounts for 50% of our annual sales.

  The range of roll materials we are producing mainly include: Adamite, Pearlitic Nod. Iron, Acicular Nod. Iron, Indefinite Chill Iron, High Chrome Iron, High Speed Steel, etc. which are mainly used for the Bar & Wire mill, Strip mill, Light Section mill and Pipe mill. We take the centrifugal tech to make rings used for the Seamless Pipe sizing and reducing mills, which achieve a stable quality and better resistance than the conventional rings. They are welcomed by the customers in US, Brazil and other European countries.

  Production capacity:
  Max. body diameter: Φ800mm
  Max. Body length: 1500mm
  Unit weight of roll: 5 tons max.
  Max. OD of rings: Φ1000mm,
  Unit weight of ring: 3 tons max.

  Our company obtained the cast iron roll production license issued by the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry in 1997, and obtained the ISO9002 certificate in 2000. Our company focus on the modern management, takes the technology as the core, consider the quality as life, and carries out the technical cooperation with General Institute of Iron and Steel Research and the well-known roll exports in China for long to continuously improve the product quality and innovation. The complete equipment, strong technical force, is a reliable guarantee of the production quality.

  Based on the specialty, innovation, hand in hand, win-win future, our company has always been developing towards the direction of modernization in terms of management level, personnel training, business model, software and hardware facilities. With an international vision and international thinking, we have continuously developed the rolls that meet the needs of customers and the development trend of iron and steel industry, and provide more professional services with higher quality products to protect and escort iron and steel enterprises at home and abroad, and to create greater wealth for society and employees.


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